Jelly Booooom is an easy casual puzzle game.

Move jellies up, down, left and right. If more than 3 jellies with same color are lined up in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction, they will be removed.

Remove as much as jellies for a limited time

If one jelly in line is stuck to an chain, the whole line will move at the same time.

If one jelly in line is stuck to glue, the whole line will not be able to move.

‘Help Item’ will be given automatically in every 3 stages to help your play.

Use ‘Line Clear Item’ in critical situation.

If you complete the mission, you will get double score.

Compete for the highest score and no. of combos for a minute in ‘Time Attack Mode’.

It support auto save function. Besides, compare with users from all over the world through OpenFeint function.


To play next stage, download full version of Jelly Booooom.

-      You can play without stage limitation.

-      3 extra chances will be provided as a life.

-      Higher scores will be given than free-version users.

-      You can play ‘Time Attack Mode’

Thank you for using-! *

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