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나인휠스 새로운 앱게임 "Meek&Mild" Play 영상입니다.

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[Bonus Stage Play Avi]

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SingSing ABC  [support]

Bugs, enhancements, various issue & problem... ran off to please comment.

Thank you for using and your lovely baby~ ^^

사용자 삽입 이미지

<Coming Soon~~>
1. ver 1.1 (waiting for review)
Support iPhone OS 2.2.1

2. ver 1.2 (next update)
When next update, we will new some feature.
-> save configure, shake, more classic music...

<App Store - united states>

<App Store - korea >

Thank you for using~~ ^^


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[iPhone Apps] SingSing ABC is out !!!  (1) 2010.04.16
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